I AM A GIRL. I am not a boy. I am a GIRL. Don’t call me dude, don’t call me man, don’t call me bro. I am a G.I.R.L. Thanks.

I’m rude because don’t care.

I’m not here to impress you, so please don’t pass judgments on me.

I live in Ohio. I’m 18. 

I am Singleeeee

I love my dog, he saved me.

My music player is “Billy music player”. If you’d like to know a version of a song, just message me off anon.

I don’t tolerate bullshit, so please  don’t send me an ask self-promoting, or asking me to promote you, because I won’t. (this includes fan-mail)

I don’t mind giving you advice, but if it’s something really personal, please come off anon so I can help you to my full ability and I will know that you see it. I care about you, don’t forget that okay?

If you ask me to check out your blog, at least be nice about it. (it helps to be following me for longer than a day as well)

I try to reply to all of my messages. I usually ignore stupid ones.

I love all of my followers. They keep me going.

If you ask me something off anon and it’s funny or a compliment, I may post it, if you don’t want that to happen please mention that in the ask itself. 

If you have imessage you rock,send me your number. if you have kik send me that. Thank yoooooooou.

If I unfollow you it isn’t anything personal. Either you don’t blog or you spam my dash with promo’s.

Anything else? Feel free to ask, I won’t tolerate shitty attitudes though. :) xo